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2011 SHOT Show

Day 3 of the 2014 SHOT Show

It's been a busy show.

It’s been a busy show.

SHOT Show 2011 has ended.

Thank you again. See you next year.

The Browning Web Team

SHOT Show 2011 is starting to wind down a bit.

The show will end in a couple of hours. But don’t worry, we will keep the blog and all the information on SHOT Show Specials up and running on so you can check them out and do more research later. It has been great fun. The Webcam will go down pretty much at the same time they dim the lights at the end of the day, so if you still want a peek, this would be the time. Just click on the button on the right.

Hell’s Canyon Jacket is hot!

The top clothing special appears to be the Hell’s Canyon Jacket in solid colors. The Hell’s Canyon line has already been very popular with all of you out there. But we have been repeatedly asked in the last year if we could provide the same fit, comfort and technology in a solid color that you can wear for all around use. Hell’s Canyon is extremely quiet and feels great against your skin. And it is built with the best windproof, water resistant technology, so you can be comfortable — especially in changing weather.

Well here it is. And here are a few specs.

  • Rugged 3-layer fabric is silent, windproof, breathable and highly water resistant
  • Jacket has full length front zipper, zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Zippered ventilator chest pockets
  • Bottom draw cord

Fun things goin’ on.

Here at the SHOT Show there is plenty of entertainment — both around town and related to the SHOT Show itself. Last night the Outdoor Channel held its 11th annual Golden Moose Awards ceremony. It was held at the Hard Rock Hotel just a mile or two from the convention center. This is one of the big events where awards are given for the top Outdoor Channel hunting, fishing and adventure TV programs. After the awards were handed out attendees were invited to a special live concert featuring Blake Shelton — along with his fiance, Miranda Lambert. A good time was had by all, so we thought you might enjoy a short peek at the fun.

A bright solution to an old problem.

These days we all have come to realize that if we are going to get in any good hunting time we have to be able to hunt when we can. Not when the weather is good or the conditions perfect. In fact much of the good hunting (and certainly waterfowl hunting) is in bad weather. So we are all putting out lots of money into techologically advanced Browning jackets and other hunting apparel that is worth every time, but is frankly not too cheap. This gear needs to earn its keep — so we like it to be something we can use any time and for any hunt.

In comes the new Safety Vest Combo. Its a quality Browning blaze hat with an equally good quality blaze orange vest. It will go get you up to legal levels of blaze for big game hunting while you wear your high performance camo jacket and pants. It works well, and it works well for your entire family — and it won’t cost you a fortune.  All in one package. An easy buy.  Here’s to practical ideas.

  • Adjustable size tabs on vest
  • Velcro front closure
  • Buckmark embroidery on front and back
  • Matching Buckmark embroidery on ball cap
  • Hook & Loop closure on ball cap
  • Pre-packaged in clam shell packaging
  • Vest sizing:  One size fits most

Cleaning Kit cleaning up at the Show.

Lot’s of companies make gun cleaning kits, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one with Browning quality and with Browning attention to detail. This one is called the Browning 32 Piece Cleaning Kit. Very snappy name. But it wins with quality and convenience. I especially like little details like the cleaning pick, which lets you scrape off crud around tiny parts without disassembling everything. Given the orders taken here at the show, you will be seeing this around at many dealer’s stores this year. Here are a few of the features.

  • Custom fit EVA soft sided case
  • Removable bandoliers and accessory pouches
  • Machined aluminum handle
  • Includes: brass rods, bronze brushes, mops, slot tips, jags and adaptors
  • Cleaning pick and double ended utility brush
  • Polishing cloth and 25 cleaning patches

A recognition well deserved.

If you own an engraved Browning gun from the last decade or so, the quality, precision and beauty of the engraving is due in part to the expertise of a special partner and friend of Browning: David Baron. David operates Baron Technologies in Connecticut. He is the creator of advanced thinking and ground breaking processes that have taken time-honored, traditional engraving to new levels. Plus his forward thinking has made fine engraving available to more people and on more of our guns. Many Citori shotguns, special edition shotguns and rifles, and even the new 1911-22 special editions have benefitted from David’s expertise.

Plus, David has been a champion of youth shooting and has used his company to aid and support conservation groups all across America. For all this, earlier this week, he was awarded “Person of the Year” by SHOT Business, the primary publication of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Congratulations to our friend, David Baron.

Kristy Lee Cook is in the booth now.

Thankfully, Kristy is in the booth signing autographs — so now I have been able to take a few photos for you to enjoy.

Kristy Lee Cook and Matt Hughes

Two of the most popular Browning Pro-Staff  team members have been in and out of the booth the last couple of days, visiting with dealers and signing autographs. These two are true friends of Browning: Kristy Lee Cook and Matt Hughes.

Kristy was an American Idol finalist a few years ago, but now she is a TV show host, heading up the great new hunting reality TV show “Goin’ Country.” Kristy’s all American girl persona is the real deal. She raises and trains horses, has her own ranch (incidentally called the Buckmark Ranch), and is a Country Music singing star. Kristy celebrated her birthday right  before heading to the SHOT SHow last week. As an avid outdoors woman and hunter, and a real Browning fan, we are proud to have her as part of the team.  Incidentally, Kristy just signed a record deal with Broken Bow Records just a week or so ago. She is on the fast track professionally to fame and more. But on a personal level she is just a super nice, genuine person.

Matt was also here signing autographs. As a 9-time Welterweight UFC champion, he has a particularly strong following with the guys who like guns. I have walked with him from the hotel to the show and he is recognized everywhere. When Matt comes into the booth the line to get an autograph starts moving down the aisles. Matt is a Browning bolt action rifle and Browning over and under kind of guy. He does long range accuracy shooting with his favorite A-Bolt. He is partial to sub gauges in his Citoris. Our kind of guy. The photo of Matt is from an earlier press conference.

I should have additional photos after I round them up.